mark e curry lawsuit

Disadvantages if Not Following Lawsuit

mark e curry lawsuit

Well the plaintiff who is approaching for justice via legal process is much safer than the one who wants to settle the damage outside the court. We come across many incidents daily in our life. Few have marital problems, few personal assets, few business litigations, car accidents, and many other problems. Among all these road accidents are the most common issues which we come across in our life on daily basis be it anyone’s fault but one person is blamed and the other person who suffered injuries files the case on that particular person. ┬áThe settlements for such cases can happen in an instant, and its one fate that they take lifelong ramifications. In such instances like car accidents the mark e curry lawsuit end in a settlement with best course of action that is required, it may be cost-effective and does not take much time nor strain the plaintiff. But if the plaintiff has not filed any case against the defendant then they may be at loss of loosing heavy compensation if not followed the process of legal lawsuits. If the person is injured by a negligent driver on the road, then he or she should consider other options available to receive compensation for the expenses occurred and the emotional pain which they have suffered for the result of the accident may be they suffered with heavy injuries or unexpected death of their loved ones.

Disadvantages of Lawsuit:

  • Lawsuit or Litigations are the controversy between two persons or two parties or organizations, and the States, which are authorized by law, in the court for the sake of justice, in the form of legal rights. During the litigation process, the case which is called as suit or lawsuit is brought in front of the court of law. The concerned parties who are involved in the litigation process are known as the litigants where a plaintiff, defendant, applicant, petitioner or respondent are included as long as the trials are on their way.
  • When one wishes to go according to lawsuit they are few disadvantages like it consumes a lot of time and is very complicated process. There are few things which need to be considered before reaching the trials or their start up process. The settlement may take few weeks, months or years depending on the situation.
  • The other important aspect of lawsuit is finance. As the plaintiff needs to pay the fees to his hired attorney, combat his/her travel expenditure, pay witness fees and other fees for smooth going of the trials to settle the matter at its pace. The longer the time is taken the more the plaintiff needs to pay which may cross his budget sometimes, and it is seen that to win the case few sell of their properties with lack of money to pay the fees for their case settlements which proves that lawsuits are costly and very expensive.
  • The other disadvantage of lawsuit is it is more beneficial for the wealthier party and adverse for the less cash party. It is not the right process to solve the problem, but a process which can win the arguments. The wealthier party is enabled to afford and hire an experienced and good attorney to engage in the lawsuit in better manner. The Judge and jury both can be easily convinced by a good lawyer who might be having a strong convincing skill.


So in the long run the main crux of the settlement when concerned with lawsuit are trial argument may assure you some sort of compensation that is higher, but if not chosen then may be at loss with few bucks only but saves their lot of time and money without the need of going to court and visiting the trials till the end of the case settlements. Hence if you take your case to trial, you may lose and walk away with nothing, but lose your money for lawyer fees and most of the time visiting the court for hearing the judgment.

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